Webinar to highlight best practices of mobile security
September 10, 2014

Enterprise mobility has been one of the hottest trends in the public and private sectors for years, while some industries have been struggling with the security and management side of the equation more so than others. For one, banking enterprises have been forced to not only find ways to offer services and platforms to customers through mobile devices and applications, but also seamlessly incorporate security that will protect data and not hinder the user experience. 

At first glance, especially for business leaders who have not necessarily faced the complex challenges of mobile enablement and security, this might seem to be a relatively straightforward process. However, it will not take long to see just how difficult striking a balance between a strong user experience and tight control of data truly is, especially when using traditional approaches to credential and access management like logins and simple passwords. 

Luckily, some of the most advanced providers of identity and access management solutions have been at the cutting edge of innovation, leading to a broader range of options to ensure that all companies can capitalize on the benefits of mobility without putting themselves in a bad position from the security standpoint. For example, those firms that offer dynamic authentication and next-generation trusted execution environments (TEEs) are leading to charge toward a brighter, more secure tomorrow. 

Knowledge is power
SecureKey and Trustonic recently announced that they will hold a joint webinar featuring discussions led by Florent Joubert, marketing manager for Trustonic's North America operation and David Mahdi, Direct of Product for SecureKey. SecureKey, an identity and authentication solutions provider, has developed tools that anchor a specific customer's identity to a trusted device, streamlining access while deterring the threat of breach. 

Trustonic, a leading provider of TEEs for smart devices, recently partnered with SecureKey to leverage the firm's briidge.net Connect service to strengthen the overall experience for users. 

As a note, roughly 250 million smart devices that have been shipped globally already include Trustonic's services. 

"People depend on their smart devices for work and play, so it's integral to the user experience in an increasingly connected economy," Didier Serra, EVP, Global Partnerships at SecureKey, affirmed. "Together, with Trustonic, we are delivering a powerful combination of world-leading security with superior user experience that makes it easy for people to securely access online services they rely upon."

Dynamic authentication combined with TEEs will patch many of the vulnerabilities which tend to lead to significant shortfalls in the security arena, while this approach has also been found to reduce the prevalence of inefficient or undesirable user experiences. Again, striking the balance between usability and security is challenging, but this next-generation approach can help companies get to greener pastures more quickly. 

"SecureKey is leading the identity revolution with a user friendly approach to eradicating the problems with unmemorable passwords and pockets full of security gadgets. Its authentication solution will always be with users in their trusted smart devices. Trustonic understands that the mobile device is the personal device that never leaves someone's side and must be secure," Olivier Leger, EVP Sales and Marketing, Trustonic, added. "SecureKey's briidge.net Connect authentication services that work with Trustonic technology is proof of our vision of seamless and secure digital lives."

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The webinar, titled "Delivering Secure, Convenient and Scalable Mobile Authentication to Consumer Smart Devices," will be held on Wednesday, September 17 at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, and a broad range of professionals and executives will find the information therein helpful. 

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