Update on recent data breaches [VIDEO]
July 18, 2014

When will the frequency of data breaches slow?

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Forbes recently listed some of the more recent breaches that have taken place in the past few months and, suffice it to say, the report was troubling.

In the United States, the news provider pointed to a recent incident at Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services, which currently believes that the personal information of roughly 1.3 million individuals was compromised.

Forbes also cited a piece of malware in Israel that posed as a popular mobile banking app, then stole the victim’s credentials. As an indication of the non-discriminatory nature of hackers and cybercriminals, the source also noted that an insurance agency, New York City taxi company and men’s lifestyle website all fell to breaches.

So, we are left with the question, when will access management practices catch up to the proliferation of threats?