Staying Safe from Phishing and Fraud


Designed for safety and security

SecureKey’s services are, at their core, designed to keep you and your information safe and secure. Your privacy is our most important priority. None of the websites or agencies that currently use SecureKey Concierge™ will send you unprompted emails or text messages asking for personal details — and neither will we.


Scams and Phishing

Fraudsters will do whatever they can to get what is most valuable to them: your personal information. Unfortunately, their efforts have evolved to sending convincing “phishing” emails. These emails trick users into clicking on deceptive links or downloading dangerous attachments to “fish” for your personal information for their own gain. These misleading links take you to a website that seems legitimate, but is in fact fraudulent and a means by which the bad guys try to get sensitive information from you without you even realizing it. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  • A good rule of thumb is to completely avoid anything that looks suspicious, and to contact our 24/7 Support Desk at 1.844.778.5409 if you suspect anything out of the ordinary.
  • If the email includes any of the following, it’s best to avoid and contact our Support Desk for next steps:
    • Poor spelling and/or grammar
    • Unexpected attachments from unknown sources
    • Suspicious-looking links
    • Generic greetings like “Good Morning” or “Dear Customer”
    • Urgency and the promise of immediate consequences
    • Asking for personal information

Phishing Websites

Fraudsters have evolved to build phishing websites, which are misleading and fraudulent, that pretend to appear as a legitimate site and encourage you to unknowingly share personal information. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when deciding if a website is legitimate:

  • Look for sites with URLs beginning with “https,” as these tend to be the most secure.
  • Ensure everything on the website has correct grammar and spelling
  • Consider how you ended up at the website in question: was it through another social website or link in an email? If you are suspicious of the source, then you should be suspicious of the destination.
  • When in doubt, contact our 24/7 Support Desk at 1.844.778.5409 to clarify any questions.

Unauthorized Account Activity

If you notice unusual activity on your account or are advised of unauthorized activity, please contact the financial institution you use to log in with Verified.Me.

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