exchange logoIntegrating with SecureKey’s Exchange platform is easy. Both Relying Parties (RP) and Credential Service Providers (CSP) can simply integrate to the platform, helping them to avoid multiple complex, and often costly integration efforts.


Delivered through a secure cloud service, SecureKey Concierge grants users access to critical online services via their familiar online banking sign-in process, without having to create yet another user ID and password. While using their trusted credential from a Sign-In Partner to access online services, SecureKey Concierge ensures that no passwords or personal information (name, date of birth, etc.) are shared or exchanged.

Direct Integration

Online Services can integrate directly with SecureKey Concierge using  standard SAML2 and OIDC.

A SAML online service provider will need to be able to send  and receive SAML requests and assertions. SAML protocol messages use HTTP redirects. Encrypted SAML messages are transported using HTTP redirect/Posts.

Please refer to the SAML integration guides for more  detail.

Please contact us for information about OIDC authorization code integration details.

Standard Integration Diagram

Download the Integration Guides