SecureKey’s Biggest Takeaways from Two of the World’s Biggest Conferences
November 18, 2016

The SecureKey team has been traveling across the globe attending and presenting at the world’s largest conferences centered on identity, fintech and security. Didier Sierra, EVP of Sales and Marketing, and Erik Swedersky, VP of Strategy, share their key takeaways from each of their conferences:

Didier Sierra, EVP of Marketing & Sales, Speaker at World e-ID Congress and Cybersecurity (Marseille, France)

European countries are quickly embracing digital transformation by enabling secure electronic and mobile transactions. In fact, many Northern European countries are already successfully using federated authentication and identity models that leverage government, bank and/or telcos credentials, leveraging their well-developed digital public key infrastructures (PKI), and the recently delelopped eIDAS regulation. Therefore, Remote Identity Proofing (RIDP), the process of validating sufficient information that is unique to the user, is becoming a massive focus since people are conducting the vast majority of their transactions while they’re on the move via their mobile phones and/or laptops.

However, an important takeaway of the conference was the need to ensure that all digital identities are being established with trusted foundational documents. For example, if a digital identity is created using a birth certificate that is actually fake, we are creating an entire identity network that is compromised. Therefore, there needs to be a stronger, more efficient focus on assessing the quality and trustability of the initial identity documents / components and their respective sources that are being used to create stronger and more easily sharable digital identities, to prevent a massive creeper-weed effect of identity fraud. Concurrently, there needs to be greater integrity in the process to ensure the person presenting identity documentation for registration is the same person named in the identity documentation.

Eric Swedersky, VP of Delivery, Attendee at G-tech (Ottawa, Canada)

Unlike ever before, this year’s conference dedicated a full-day program to cybersecurity, which is indicative of the growing focus on the area. During the program, participants were able to explore the innate security risks that come along with disruptive technologies such as cloud storage and mobile banking. As a result, participants, myself included, shared prescriptive actions to mitigate these risks with one another. And one of the greatest risks that businesses, governments and policy makers face today is verifying online identity. Although each party may require more or less digital identity than other parties, the need to ensure that the person is who he is claiming to be is the most critical component, yet the most difficult to achieve. Fortunately, this is exactly what SecureKey is working with its partners to achieve: a trusted digital identity ecosystem.

A trust digital identity ecosystem will not only create a stronger level of protection for our privacy, it will make us more productive with lower costs and higher trust. Already we’ve seen a number of forward-thinking organizations, like Canada’s major banks, get involved in building an ecosystem that will put the consumer first when it comes to digital identity and privacy. We’re off to a great start, but we need more great partners to make this a reality. If we’re going to build an ecosystem that is the envy of the world, we need it to involve companies from across all of the major industries that consumers interact with each day.

That’s where your service comes in. Improve outcomes, lower costs, and improve your customer experience.

Together, we can build a national digital identity ecosystem with trust, privacy, efficiency and security for everyone. Together, we can set the standard for the rest of the world.

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