SecureKey’s Andre Boysen and independent research firm to address federated identity during Dec. 11 webinar
November 20, 2013

If you were asked to list all of the websites you visit that require login credentials, you might be stumped to name every last one. There might be dozens of online services you use every day, from your email account to daily electronic news sites, all of which might ask for your authentication details before allowing you entry to the site's content. 

Now consider all of sites that you don't regularly visit and all of the passwords you use on those sites, and the ones you regularly visit. In many cases, you might not remember them all. Even if you use only half a dozen passwords, recalling which you use with what site can be hard when you only login once or twice a year. 

Because of the issues inherent to password management, some organizations are turning to a federated consumer identity model that relies on high-touch credentials from a trusted institution, such as a bank, for logging into less frequently visited sites. Many individuals are already reusing passwords across sites, but this can lead to security issues without the right identity management tools in place. 

To address these concerns, SecureKey will be hosting a webinar with Andre Boysen, executive vice president of marketing at SecureKey, and Eve Maler, a principal analyst serving security and risk professionals at Forrester. These speakers will discuss what users are struggling with in password selection and how organizations can minimize many of the risks by deploying trusted authentication management tools. 

The webinar is scheduled for December 11 at noon EST. Information and registration details can be found at