SecureKey to speak at upcoming Cloud Identity Summit 2014
July 15, 2014

The Cloud Identity Summit is set to take center stage at the Monterey Conference Center in Monterey, California between July 19 and 22, bringing together some of the greatest minds in the IT security community for discussions related to the modern challenges of data and system protection. Cloud computing remains as one of the hottest technologies in the public and private sectors today, while all signs point to these services becoming entirely ubiquitous throughout the globe within the next decade or so. 

Business leaders once simply believed that data and systems could not be as secure in the cloud as they would be in traditional IT environments, but that myth has since been dispelled. This does not mean that companies struggle to secure data in these environments, as many organizations have faced an uphill battle to get a handle on their IT arrangements following a transition into cloud computing, and the Cloud Identity Summit will provide insights related to trends in this arena. 

A look at the summit
CIS is an annual summit that specifically targets the use of identity management in cloud computing security, as well as how the technologies and trends that are entering into virtually every household and business are impacting access security. Participants in the event are always on the cutting edge of new identity and access management strategies, while mobility and system architecture are expected to be major discussion points at this year's summit. 

In the past five years, cloud computing has grown from a seldom used technology, at least among the majority of businesses for more than simply email and file transfer needs, and toward one that is acting as the foundation of all other IT deployments. The reasons behind initial security concerns generally related back to the fact that these environments would be hosted outside of the physical department, as well as wholly based in digitized and Internet-connected arenas. 

Whereas security was quite recently a matter of safeguarding networks with firewalls and data with protective software, experts are increasingly focused upon identity-centric approaches that can adapt to a wide variety of technology frameworks and trends. This, in short, is the reason why so many respected minds in the IT security community will be making their way to Monterey for CIS 2014. 

More information on the event itself can be found at the Cloud Identity Summit 2014 main web page

SecureKey to attend, participate
SecureKey's EVP of Marketing and Digital Identity Evangelist Andre Boysen will be involved in a panel discussion on the various approaches to solving enterprise security problems, joined by leaders from the Government of Canada and others at the Kantara Initiative's workshop. Kantara's piece of the CIS will take place between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Saturday, July 19. 

The three components of the workshop will include discussion on open standards, federation integration and deployment of trusted identity solutions and modern cybersecurity challenges. 

There will be much more knowledge to garner from the keynote speakers and other participants of this event, hope to see you there!