SecureKey to provide tips and explanations for improved app value
October 3, 2013

According to recent KPCB findings, average smartphone owners look at their devices 150 times in the course of a day. The gadgets have become a hub for information, entertainment and completing practical, everyday tasks. Whether someone needs directions across town or wants to know where the best restaurants are, the technology has almost all the answers. As bring your own device (BYOD) trends increase in the workplace, they’re also transforming into job tools.

Because of that, many organizations understandably want to capitalize on the utility of mobile devices. This is easier than ever thanks to the app markets open on iOS, Android and other smartphone operating systems. Because smartphones are used for nearly digital-friendly activity, nearly any company can reach their desired audience through an app.

However, many apps remain unused. They’re developed and then practically ignored by most people. VentureBeat found that nearly two-thirds of apps in the Apple App Store are never downloaded, and one in four apps are used once and then never again.

Because of that, decision-makers need to find the best way to develop their apps and provide value to their intended users. SecureKey explores this issue in its white paper, “Unlocking Value in Mobile – 5 Tips to Consider” and notes that some apps fail to provide proper enough convenience, security in their authentication methods and other stumbling blocks to widespread adoption.

SecureKey will elaborate more upon its tips during a webinar scheduled for Oct. 30 at noon EST. David Mahdi, director of product marketing at SecureKey Technologies, will be leading the discussion and providing in-depth coverage about how decision-makers can increase the value of their apps and overcome some of the problems they face. The event will last 45 minutes and be held at