SecureKey to address mobile authentication at Money2020
September 27, 2013

Mobile devices have added convenience and simplicity to people's lives by letting them access utility services, entertainment and the communication abilities inherent to phones. However, they also have created a number of complications for businesses and consumers alike, as both try and manage the security implications inherent to mobile banking, shopping and similar finance and payment-related activities. 

Smartphones and tablets are but one of the emerging technologies already affecting multiple industries, and the upcoming Money2020 conference will address the way payment and financial services are being changed by the latest innovations. Hundreds of CEOs and more than one thousand companies from across the world will meet in Aria, Las Vegas from Oct. 6 to 10 to discuss the way business and consumer habits are evolving with new markets, apps, strategies and devices. 

SecureKey CMO Andre Boysen will join panelists in their presentation "Emerging Authentication & Identification Solutions." Their discussion will focus on the potential role of mobile devices in verifying identity and payment credentials. As smartphones become central to people's lives, and as identity management becomes a greater concern, topics such as this will need greater discussion and understanding for businesses that want to protect their consumers credentials. 

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