SecureKey Takes the Stage for Blockchain at Mobile World Congress Americas
September 12, 2017

By: Didier Serra, EVP Sales & Marketing, SecureKey Technologies

New technologies are iterative; they form the foundation for our digital futures and blockchain is no exception.  Even though blockchain is in its early years, its reputation has garnered not only the support of different parties including financial institutions and healthcare-related organizations, but also caught the attention of major investors around the world.

While 2015 saw money flowing into private blockchain opportunities that addressed corporate issues – from asset tracking to wholesale banking, insurance, accounting, risk management, and more – 2016 was also a major year for direct investment into blockchain startups and established foundations that focused on collaboration. Last year, $387 million was directed into blockchain startups alone.

Blockchain has also served as a foundation for a new model of the global economy. In the years to come, the world will see not only applications for establishing individual identities and protecting property rights through immutable records, but will also be witness to the development of platforms that create a true sharing economy by the people for the people – courtesy of blockchain.

SecureKey is building a federated digital identity ecosystem, using blockchain as its base. Our dedication to furthering the privacy, security and trust individuals can place in the digital economy and the safety of their digital selves has encouraged SecureKey’s partners to invest together. SecureKey’s efforts have encouraged Canada’s largest financial institutions, telcos, Canadian and U.S. governments, the Digital ID Authentication Council of Canada, and IBM, among others, to participate harmoniously in developing an ecosystem that will help consumers – not for financial gain, but for social good.

With such a level of disruption, blockchain is giving a whole new meaning to all levels of digital transactions and relationships. The Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) will open a conversation about the impact and challenges faced by blockchain to better understand the opportunities for the citizens, businesses, and governments of the very near future.

Our participation in the congress will take place on Wednesday, September 13 during the Blockchain fireside discussion. We are thrilled to share our experiences with attendees, to learn from our peers, and to see what blockchain has in store for us all.

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