SecureKey Concierge Service reaches major milestone
March 7, 2014

More organizations from North America and abroad are beginning to understand the importance of modernizing their access controls through the use of advanced multi-factor authentication. Although it seemed to take a relatively long time for the majority of business leaders to realize just how damaging a data breach can be, the constant stream of information loss, subsequent identity theft and collateral damage in the fallout has seemed to wake many individuals up to the weightiness of the issue.

At the root of many information loss events often stands employee error that comes from poor credential policies and antiquated password methodology. Studies indicate that the average business still uses passwords to protect data, devices and applications, but most commonly have either the easiest possible combinations of letters and numbers or the same codes for a variety of different endpoints.

Multi-factor authentication is the way of the future, and SecureKey recently announced that more organizations are beginning to use its advanced access controls.

Identity networks rising
SecureKey is a leading provider of multi-factor authentication and advanced credential solutions that help financial services, health care and various other types of organizations better protect their information and networks. Yesterday, the firm announced that it has surpassed the one million-credential milestone for its most advanced line of solutions, the SecureKey Concierge Service, which has been especially popular in Canada. 

The Government of Canada has been using this service for a while now, and many banks and other organizations are now leveraging the Concierge to modernize and beef up security capabilities. Now, the service is being used for more than one million transactions every month, while the trend is only intensifying as more major players begin to adopt and leverage the services. 

Next month will mark the two-year anniversary of the SecureKey Concierge Service being fully operational, while hitting this milestone ahead of the date certainly bodes well for the future of the solution. 

In the announcement, SecureKey quoted several major Canadian financial services firms, including ING Direct.

"Through the Concierge service, ING DIRECT is continuing its tradition of innovation, simplification and convenience by enabling clients to use their familiar bank sign-in credentials to access Government of Canada online services," ING Direct's CIO Charaka Kithulegoda explained. "Equally important, this service has helped ING DIRECT to extend its brand and award-winning service beyond our clients' everyday​ banking needs by making it easier than ever for them to access critical government services."

Comprehensive secure online environments
One of the leading reasons why the Concierge service has become so popular is because of its unique ability to optimize the user experience while maintaining the most exceptional level of security. Especially when it comes to online financial transactions, users will be more likely to take advantage of services when the tools are intuitive and also have a proven commitment to security. 

With the SecureKey Concierge Service, this objective is becoming a reality across Canada, and the firm hopes to continue growing its secure online environment further in the coming years.