School’s Out – Don’t Let Your Username and Password Take a Vacation
May 11, 2016

Gowns are pressed, speeches finalized, and yearbooks signed. Yes, students, teachers and faculty alike are in full graduation mode. But as schools let out and the summer mindset kicks in, both consumers and companies can’t allow that mentality to seep into security practices…because identity theft and data breaches don’t take vacations.

When consumers regularly access online services, they’re more likely to remember their usernames and passwords because they’re top of mind. But over the summer or on vacation, consumers don’t use as many online services as they likely do throughout the year—i.e. accessing student loans, college course details, research, etc.—so the process of forgetting which set of credentials go with which online service sets in. And thus begins the vicious cycle of resetting passwords and website access frustration begins again.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know how strongly SecureKey feels about simplifying the authentication process. Our recent “Did You Know” campaign centered around easing this process, and we’re proud to have helped Canadian citizens easily and securely do their taxes this season.

This is precisely why SecureKey works closely with financial institutions and government agencies to eliminate the reliance on multiple usernames and passwords, so that consumers can access online services with their familiar banking credentials, and companies can offer the convenient and secure online experience users have come to expect.

Our SecureKey Concierge Service is designed to allow consumers to use their trusted, familiar banking credentials to access to critical online services, to reduce the volume of user ID and passwords they need to manage. And the beauty of the service it keeps working right through summer vacation…or at any time!