Rethinking Identity in the 21st Century
January 31, 2017

Our identity has enormous value … yet we often take it for granted.

As more of our lives take place digitally, identity is becoming a kind of currency on its own – one that companies like Facebook and others in turn make a profit from. Think about it – they know almost as much about you as you do (if not more!), and they use that understanding to sell you advertising on behalf of its clients.

In fact, your identity is so valuable to Facebook that they make more than $15 per quarter for every one of their North American users – which may just include you.

So why have we misjudged the value of identity so badly in the past? We are blithe to the value of our information, and blind to the propagation that happens after we share it. If individual digital identity has value, then it is important to protect it. And that means thinking about it differently.

We’ve recently put together a short paper that looks at this and more. Some of the key themes explored include:

  • Identity’s value to service providers and users
  • Why users are encouraged to overshare their identity
  • What the history of the credit card has to do with how identity is changing today

The changing world of identity is something that impacts us all, and one where we’re excited to be at the forefront.

Click here to download your copy of the paper today, and let us know what you think.