In what might be the most dramatic lapse of Internet security in history, the Heartbleed bug has shaken every corner of the web. Heartbleed threatens a web services in a wide variety of industries across the globe – 2/3 of the websites on the Internet used the compromised the OpenSSL technology.

So now what? Leaders everywhere are seeking solutions that can reduce risk and strengthen business assurance. How to increase business assurance without driving up the cost or driving customer nuts?

This webinar provides key insights on the lessons learned from the Heartbleed Bug, including an:

  • Overview of the global impact of Heartbleed
  • Exploration of the consequences and possible limitations of remediation to similar attacks in the future
  • Introduction of the concept of Digital ID and the role of Dynamic Authentication has to play to make customer access easier and to increase security.
  • Insight into the lessons learned and recommendations on how to anchor customer Digital IDs in trusted devices with dynamic authentication.