Governments and citizens both benefit when services are delivered online. But the adoption of online government services is often constrained by challenges with user registration and authentication. The usual problems of password security, forgotten passwords and sign-up abandonment are heightened for government services – they need to know its you to deliver the service. High credential churn drives up operational costs, weakens security posture, and frustrates users who want to accomplish tasks online.

To combat password problems, many commercial sites are now introducing “Bring Your Own Credential” solutions. But can BYOC work for government services. Join us as we discuss practical ways that government services can implement BYOC solutions to improve the customer experience while enhancing site security, business assurance and citizen privacy.

Watch this webinar to learn …

  • The business case for “Bring Your Own Credential” – Salim Hasham, National Cyber Resilience Leader, PwC Canada
  • Customer Spotlight – GC View on implementing BYOC in the Public Sector – Rita Whittle, Executive Director, Government of Canada Security Policy, Government of Canada
  • Top 5 questions that the public sector needs to think about when considering BYOC – Andre Boysen, EVP of Marketing, SecureKey Technologies
  • Heartbleed – Andre Boysen, EVP of Marketing, SecureKey Technologies

Moderated by Neil McEvoy, Cloud Best Practices Network