Our digital identities are critical elements to our lives. Yet, most users today are managing more and more identities, with no end in sight.

To explore the notion of digital identity join SecureKey and Forrester Research, Inc., for our upcoming webinar to learn why:

  • Users struggle with login issues while site operators struggle with low business assurance and high service costs
  • Social sign-in hints at a solution, but fails at security and privacy
  • Sites can solve this by accepting trusted reusable identities
  • The inevitable choice: Should you rely on a trusted reusable Identity your customer already has? Or become a trusted identity provider to strengthen and monetize your customer relationship?

The Internet model is going to change, don’t get left behind …

Read the Thought Leadership Paper, Increase Security and User Trust, Embrace a Federated Consumer Identity Model, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SecureKey Technologies.