PSA to Utility Providers: Keep Customers by Getting Rid of Passwords!
December 16, 2014

The way of the paper bill is slowly going away, as conducting business online increasingly goes mainstream. Just think, as a consumer, you likely access at least one of your services online. And whether it’s to pay a bill, look for new deals, or simply check the status of your service, the authentication to these services has be simple, otherwise, consumers are turned off and their brand loyalty becomes uncertain.

Utility providers, more so than other providers, are constant targets of cyber attacks and cyber criminals. Whether it is for harvesting usernames and passwords, to reuse on other sites, or for general theft of personal identifiable information, attackers know that online communities contain plentiful value.

But passwords, simply put, are terrible. More times than not, passwords are the primary reason end-users abandon their online authentication process… they’ve forgotten their password, frustration sets in, and consequently they become turned off with the service.

Therein lies the Catch 22—how can utility providers deliver convenient, simple authentication without sacrificing security?

The answer is simple: eliminate passwords by expanding the value of their credentials and giving customers new convenience when visiting other online services.

Here at SecureKey, we’re experiencing tremendous adoption of our SecureKey Concierge service because utilities providers—and all business sectors—recognize how easy it is to provide users with simple and secure access to its online services. By enabling customers to use authentication credentials they already have and trust (i.e. banking credentials), utilities are making it easier to securely access their services online.

With SecureKey Concierge, no passwords or personal information (name, date of birth, etc.) are exchanged and the Trusted Sign-In Partners, who actively manage and monitor security for their customers, reaches far beyond conventional online credential providers.

For utility providers looking to improve the usability and convenience of their online services, and reach those customers that are not active online, we encourage you to check out SecureKey Concierge.

Providing simple, secure authentication results in happy customers, and happy customers results in a better business!