As client advocates, the SecureKey professional services team is all about partnering and collaborating to deliver innovative solutions. We establish trust through open, transparent communication and use world-class delivery practices and processes to ensure our client projects are a success from kick-off, through production launch, into support mode and beyond.

The SecureKey Professional Services team has significant expertise in assisting clients in performing integration on credentialing systems. The SecureKey products are full on functionality but light on integration work requirements allowing the professional services team to focus on training and supporting – which allows clients to leverage their own application domain knowledge and rapidly deploy solutions in our cloud services.

Our Approach

The SecureKey Professional Services team uses a traditional project management approach. Our engagement framework model provides leadership while remaining flexible enough to mesh with customer governance models. Our in-house integration capabilities provide strong project planning, execution and tracking while working in tight timelines and varying client environments. In short, our intention is to deliver collaborative, productive results.

To prepare for a production launch, our Delivery Manager works with our Operations/Infrastructure team to complete a pre-production checklist and operational readiness guide.

A SecureKey Delivery/Project Manager and Solutions Architect/Engineer work with their assigned counterparts within the client team to develop a joint project plan and charter.

SecureKey’s Delivery Manager manages primary communications between both teams and manages associated issues, actions and risks logs and escalations. This process provides service provisioning, customer care, technical and operational support, and related infrastructure to support defined service levels and includes:

  • Connection to the Exchange and Connect customer care and billing management systems
  • Access to standard administrative support tools for setup and management, and standard reporting packages
  • Implementing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between client and Tier 2 and 3 support organizations
  • Guiding the client through the technology integration
  • Delivering a turnkey rollout

Professional Services develops an Operational Readiness Plan (ORP) for each client deployment. The ORP ensures that readiness is achieved in a manner that is complete, properly documented, and verifiable. Deliverables and objective evidence requirements (written documented evidence that is able to be independently verified) is required from organizational functional areas for new or modified systems, structures, and components to establish and/or confirm a state of readiness for start-up or restart of a facility/activity.