The Exchange Platform is used to build trusted identity networks by connecting users’ identity providers with their online services though a cloud-based broker service enabling BYOC. Designed specifically for large scale consumer and citizen communities.  The platform significantly lowers credential management costs for online service providers, while removing user sign-up barriers, preserving user privacy and providing greater user convenience.

Trusted credentials that are already in market from banks, governments, health care organizations, and payment providers can be utilized within Exchange ecosystems. The platform allows identity providers and online services to integrate once, reducing the integration and business complexity otherwise incurred in establishing many-to-many relationships.

  • Enables BYOC
  • Removes sign up barriers and lowers operational costs
  • Eliminates forgotten passwords, password management and provisioning
  • Single Integration point providing access to multiple credential providers
  • Federated Single Sign On
  • Reduced data theft risks
  • Strong and trusted credential partners anchor the service
  • Enables social credentials with an improved privacy and improved trustability

How it works

By design, Exchange is optimized for privacy. Exchange serves as the broker, federating authentication and attribute sharing between credential providers and online services.  The platform governs the underlying trust model, gating and anonymizing information as required by the trust settings.  The system is configured to be “triple-blind”, ensuring that no party receives sensitive or personal information from the other parties.  The system also provides the user with fine-grained control and complete awareness of any attribute sharing. This focus on privacy puts the convenience of BYOC within reach of governments, banks and other services highly sensitive online services.

Credential Options

Any credential issuer can easily be added as a credential supplier, including banks, social credentials and others. Exchange provides out-of-the-box support for the US and Canadian Level of Assurance (LOA) schemes (FICAM/CATS).  Each service or federation of services can apply their own LOA assessments to participating credential suppliers and can configure LOA demands for each service.

BYOC Customer Success Story Exchange is available for use with over 120 Government of Canada services. SecureKey Concierge enables users to sign in to government services using their online banking credential (BYOC). The number of services and participating banks continues to grow.