Nothing is sacred in cybercrime [VIDEO]
August 14, 2014


Cybercriminals would not target philanthropic organizations, would they?

The answer, unfortunately, is they would. A recent eWEEK article explained that Goodwill, one of the leading nonprofit retail groups in the United States, is investigating a data breach officials at the firm believe might have originated in 2013.

Citing a report from expert Brian Krebs, eWEEK stated that 21 states might have been impacted by the event, while an estimate of financial damages and number of victims is still forthcoming.

This highlights the ruthless and nondiscriminatory nature of the modern cybercriminal. Regardless of which types of activities an organization partakes in, advanced access management controls are increasingly required to sustain continuity and avoid information loss or exposure.

Dynamic authentication might just be the ticket to greener pastures, but when will organizations recognize the need for security advancements?

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