SecureKey simplifies consumer access to online services and applications. Our technology allows consumers to conveniently and privately assert identity information using trusted providers, such as banks, telecommunications companies and governments, to help users connect to online services, using a digital credential they already have and trust. This ensures that information is only ever shared with explicit user consent, conveniently right from your computer. And now, we’re making it easier than ever for consumers to have better control over their digital identity from any device they want.

What Is It?

Working with Intel, we’ll now take this technology one step further — providing consumers the ability to access our platform from a desktop or laptop, versus only a mobile app. This will ensure that consumers maintain control of their digital identity anytime, anywhere and on any device.

How Does It Work?

Using Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX), which enables blockchain-based applications to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive code and data without disrupting the ability of legitimate system software to schedule and manage the use of platform resources, consumers will be able to access and use their digital identity attributes in a safe and secure manner with the same ease as they would from a mobile device.

What Does It Mean?

The addition of traditional web browser capabilities will complement the service’s mobile app, enabling more consumers to access online services faster, such as opening bank accounts or applying for a new credit card online in seconds, with added privacy and security.

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“SecureKey is creating an ecosystem for customers to manage their digital assets securely and conveniently. It’s a model that is being developed with substantial input from TD and other banks. Investing in innovation that will improve the customer experience is core to our strategy. Given the priority we place on security and privacy, we’re uniquely positioned to help shape this offering.”

Rizwan Khalfan, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, TD

SecureKey + IBM Blockchain

SecureKey Technologies and IBM are working together to build the first ever digital identity network in Canada. The solution is built with IBM Blockchain on top of The Linux Foundation’s open source Hyperledger Fabric and enables a scalable group of individuals and institutions to quickly board the highly secured network with minimal operational effort.

Learn how identity solutions with SecureKey and IBM Blockchain can revolutionize key industries by reading the announcement and watching the videos.

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