Improved Identity: Anytime, Anyplace… From Any Intel® SGX Supported Device
October 27, 2017

By: Greg Wolfond, Founder and CEO, SecureKey Technologies and Rick Echevarria, Vice President of the Software and Services Group and General Manager of the Platform Security Division at Intel

For nearly a decade, SecureKey has been dedicated to finding new ways to improve identity in an increasingly digital world. That means making the process of sharing identity attributes not only safer for consumers, but also easier.

The more friction involved in a process, the less likely that consumers will adopt it as a part of their daily routine. And one of the biggest points of friction for consumers is trying to use a digital service that only works in one format – either mobile (through an app) or online (through a browser).

Late last year, SecureKey announced funding to support an entirely new digital identity ecosystem, to support a new blockchain-based product designed to make it easier to get things done online, in person or on the phone, when consumers are trying to access services that require identity verification. The crux of this approach was mobile-first – using smartphones as the cornerstone for controlling and using identity attributes when, where and with whom consumers want. But we realized this alone doesn’t provide the type of frictionless access needed to bring this innovation to all consumers, regardless of their individual preferences.

That’s why SecureKey is thrilled to announce that we’re working with Intel to bring this next-generation innovation in digital identity to Intel-supported laptop and desktop computers.

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX), which enables blockchain-based applications to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive code and data without disrupting the ability of legitimate system software to schedule and manage the use of platform resources, will allow consumers to access and use their digital identity attributes in a safe and secure manner from Intel-supported laptop and desktop computers with the same ease they would have with a mobile device.

For consumers that want the same type of privacy-enhanced, secure and easy control over their digital identity attributes across all of their various daily devices, or prefer using one device over others, the choice is now theirs.

Friction-free identity means choice and collaboration. Intel and SecureKey are proud be working together to bring that choice to consumers in the digital age.