Building Tomorrow’s Secure Connections

Today marks the eighth-annual iteration of Social Media Day. Launched by Mashable to celebrate social media’s impact on global communications, this is an opportunity to consider social media past, present and future.

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Placing Value on Invaluable Identity

We’re all guilty of it. I must admit, it’s tempting to use the same login credentials across all of the online services that I use, for the sole purpose that it’s what is most convenient and easy as a consumer. However, subscribing to this mindset is exactly what gets...

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When Valuable Data Turns Toxic

Digital data and oil are not so different. When the flow of data and oil goes properly, it is hidden from sight, fluid and goes unnoticed. But when there is a leak, the consequences are catastrophic. Suddenly, everything is laid to bare, whether it is our passwords,...

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Knowing who we are

By: Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow, Vice President Blockchain Technologies, IBM Cloud and Greg Wolfond, CEO, SecureKey   You know who you are. We’re not trying to make any existentialist statements here – we’re being pragmatic. You have a defined set of attributes and...

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Privacy Through Collaboration

The sheer volume of data that we share on a daily basis is staggering. From bank account passwords, to credit card details, to credentials for newspaper subscriptions and social media feeds – it is nearly impossible to quantify the bits and bytes of personal data floating around in the ether of the cloud and other networks of communication.

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