WeTraq, an Ontario-based and Health Canada-certified remote caregiving service provider, is pleased to today announce the launch of GuardIO – Family Care – a new beta project with the support of the Alzheimer Society of Ontario that leverages SecureKey Technologies’ Verified.Me network for secure and private user access to the app. GuardIO – Family Care is an easy-to-use service that provides family caregivers the freedom to remotely assess the immediate whereabouts and driving behaviours of at-risk loved ones, such as seniors or individuals affected with conditions including dementia.

GuardIO – Family Care provides family caregivers with peace of mind, improved personal freedom and a safety layer for care recipients and care partners. In staying more readily connected with loved ones, Canadians can focus more on their jobs without needing to request leaves of absence. The new solution uses proprietary AI-based predictive analysis to detect and perform a detailed review of mobility behaviours. The service will utilize SecureKey Technologies’ blockchain-based Verified.Me network to help users securely and privately verify their identities when accessing the app.

“A growing number of working family caregivers are members of the ‘sandwich generation’, who are expected to simultaneously balance care for dependent children and aging parents with personal lives and employment expectations,” said Ishaan Singla, founder of WeTraq. “Our goal is to support this underserved and overstressed population by creating a private and secure tool to ensure family caregivers are always connected to their loved ones, improving their mental health and quality of life.”

GuardIO – Family Care’s beta phase will help test and measure the impact of this Health Canada-certified solution and provide valuable feedback for how it can improve the quality of life for working caregivers across the country. Services available at the beta program’s launch include secure user identification, monitoring driving behaviours to encourage safe driving, in-app messaging and real-time location monitoring to confirm arrival at safe zones, providing seniors and other affected individuals with the independence to age-in-place, in addition to Verified.Me. By using this app, care partners can design risk mitigation strategies for wandering through sharing behaviour analytics with clinicians.

“We recognize many Canadians are facing growing caregiving demands on top of their regular workload, which is taking a toll on their mental health and wellness,” said Greg Wolfond, founder and CEO of SecureKey. “Identity verification when accessing trusted services in times of need should be a simple step, not an additional stressor. We are proud to provide our expertise and services in digital identity for this meaningful program.”

“Living safely in the community is a key concern for people living with dementia and their care partners,” says Cathy Barrick, CEO of Alzheimer Society of Ontario. “WeTraq promises maintained independence while offering safety measures to allow peace of mind for those living with dementia.

The GuardIO – Family Care mobile application is hosted on one of the leading Canadian telecom Private Cloud platforms. This platform is housed in Canadian data centres and enables data residency, geo-redundancy and adherence to Canadian privacy and regulatory healthcare frameworks. This ensures that family caregivers, care recipients and care partners not only get access to a reliable and always available experience, but also the assurance that their data is secure and private.

For more information about GuardIO – Family Care, please visit https://www.wetraq.ca/guardio-remote-caregiving

About WeTraq

WeTraq is an Ontario based service provider established in 2016 and certified by Health Canada. It is a powerful tool devised for attendant care services, parents and caregivers concerned about the safety of their loved ones. It provides secure means for the individuals to privately and securely verify their digital identities ensuring only registered caregivers have access to the monitoring data.

WeTraq’s mission is to improve the mental health and quality of life for family caregivers and helping seniors age in place. Caring for at-risk loved ones, such as seniors or individuals affected with conditions including dementia can be difficult, particularly when it comes to ensuring that the individual remains safe and in a protected area. They can become confused, disoriented, or convinced they need to go somewhere. The company’s core offering, the GuardIO mobile app, uses it’s proprietary AI based predictive analysis to detect the wandering behavior and performs a detailed review of the walking & driving behavior of the individuals which can be used to design better risk mitigation strategies helping with quick turnaround in case of mission critical events. WeTraq is also a member of AGE-WELL’s startup affiliate program. AGE-WELL is Canada’s technology and aging network. For more information please visit: www.wetraq.ca.

About SecureKey Technologies

SecureKey is a leading identity and authentication provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications. SecureKey enables a next generation privacy-enhancing identity and authentication network for connecting people to online services using a digital credential they already have and trust. SecureKey is headquartered in Toronto, with offices in San Francisco. For more information, please visit www.securekey.com and www.verified.me.

About Alzheimer Society of Ontario

Founded in 1983, the Alzheimer Society of Ontario is the province’s leading care and research charity committed to helping people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. At the Alzheimer Society we build connections that matter. From the grey matter of the brain to a matter of fact, matter of time, matter of place, to what matters most on any given day…building connections that matter are the heart and soul of the Alzheimer Society. For more information please go to https://alzheimer.ca/on/en.