SecureKey Technologies Inc. (“SecureKey”), a leading provider of digital identity and authentication solutions, today announced that Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has adopted Verified.Me as the new real-time way to securely verify identity when registering for a My Service Canada Account (MSCA), streamlining the digital identity verification process.

ESDC adopts Verified.Me®, streamlining the digital identity verification:“We’re thrilled to continue advancing the digital landscape in Canada by offering users a streamlined avenue to verify their identity when registering for their MSCAby using information they consent to share to gain access to government services they need.”The Verified.Me service helps Canadians verify their identity when registering for their MSCA account by securely confirming personal information they consent to share from one of the six major financial institutions in Canada. Verified.Me has no access to the users’ banking information and is protected with strong security protocols to prevent personal information from being identified, accessed or misused. Verified.Me is the recommended real-time alternative to the in-person or PAC (Personal Access Code) identity verification methods.

Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development welcomed the adoption of Verified.Me. “During these challenging times, our government’s focus is to help reduce barriers faced by Canadians every day to ensure they can quickly access essential programs and services when they need them the most. Today’s news is a significant step in the right direction for millions of Canadians and will make accessing this next-generation technology not only more convenient, but ensure their security along the way.”

“As we increasingly rely on digital interactions in our day-to-day, protecting the digital identity of Canadians needs to remain a top priority,” said Greg Wolfond, Founder and CEO, SecureKey Technologies. “We’re thrilled to continue advancing the digital landscape in Canada by offering users a streamlined avenue to verify their identity when registering for their MSCA by using information they consent to share to gain access to government services they need.”

“As digital adoption accelerates across the financial industry, we are developing convenient and secure solutions that enable customers to easily share their information,” said Mathew Mehrotra, Chief Digital Officer, BMO Bank of Montreal. “We are proud to be a part of this effort and look forward to enabling Canadians to seamlessly access the products and services they need.”

“The adoption of Verified.Me is an important step to simplify online access when registering for government services,” said Kevin Paget, Vice-President, Digital Strategy and User Experience, CIBC. “We’re thrilled to support the expansion of the digital landscape for our clients.”

“We are excited to be part of this innovative digital solution to meet the constantly changing demands and expectations of our members and clients,” said Mathieu Desrosiers, Senior Director, Everyday Banking, Electronic Payments and Digital Identity, Desjardins Group. “Verified.Me simplifies and secures the online identification process and offers peace of mind by giving our members and clients full control of the information they share.”

“When it comes to safeguarding private information, consumers place an immense amount of trust in financial institutions to have the proper security standards and safeguards in place,” said Rami Thabet, VP, Digital Product, RBC. “Verified.Me increases user confidence with its strong security protocols that protect our clients’ personal information.”

“Providing customers with secure digital solutions that meet their remote needs is a top priority for Scotiabank,” said Shawn Rose, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Scotiabank. “Verified.Me is an essential service for the Bank as it helps our customers bank the way they want to – with their consent – more confidently and securely.”

“Now more than ever, it is critical to provide customers with secure, convenient experiences as they navigate an increasingly digital world,” said Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital and Payments Officer, TD. “We are supportive of this step to deliver a modern digital solution to our customers through the Verified.Me experience.”

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