In the year 2020, trends that are hot today, such as mCommerce, virtual money and privacy will be commonplace. These disruptive topics and technologies should be examined and considered when building a digital strategy. Organizations that choose to ignore them, might find themselves behind the curve. Join Royal Canadian Mint, Modo, and Intel as they discuss:

  • Digital Currency and the Role of Smart Devices:
    • What is digital/virtual currency?
    • What is the value proposition and what problems does virtual currency solve?
    • Critical Trends in the virtual currency market?
    • Is virtual currency all about mobile payments?
    • Where will this be in 2020
  • Simplicity, Security and Familiarity – Critical success factors for digital payments & mCommerce
  • Views from Mint, Modo, and Intel on what is critical to any mobile/digital strategy today and the future
    • What are the characteristics of a solid digital payment solution?
    • What do stakeholders need to do to be ready?
    • The Importance of Mobile Security and Payments
    • What is necessary for user adoption, whether it is consumers, merchants, banks and other financial institutions

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