NEW! Province of British Columbia Partners with SecureKey to Launch New BC Services Card; Transforming B.C. Government Service Delivery while Demonstrating World Leading Privacy Model

The Challenge

Increase both your customer experience and security strength. Stop torturing customers with questions, more passwords to manage, or forcing them to comply with complicated access rules. A product design that all CIOs will love – no password database at all! Connect is a cloud-based authentication service that delivers strong dynamic authentication that is easy to use and simple to implement, all by using device-based digital ID’s. It boasts mutual authentication which is both stronger security and easier for users. It provides enhanced levels of assurance that your customers are who they say they are when accessing services across your channels. Unlike traditional security solutions, such as One-time-passwords (OTP), SMS OTP, or software OTP, users do not need additional stand-alone devices, applications or steps. The complexity is hidden from your users and handled for your service by the Connect platform – all while providing the highest level of security and assurance. Compliance confidence for CIOs and a customer experience your sales and marketing teams demand.


 • Best-in-class dynamic authentication
 • No Password Database for Attackers to Target
 • Delivered as a scalable cloud-based service
 • Simple in-app user experience across multiple channels

 ◦ Mobile
 ◦ Web
 ◦ Call-center

 • Broadest range of existing consumer devices:

 ◦ Mobile
 ◦ Tablet
 ◦ Desktop

 • Intelligent Security Platform Detection to leverage consumer hardware.
 • Secure Attribute Storage for user information