connectTo protect against fraud, account takeovers and identity thefts, banks, governments and other high-value online services need to look beyond the password. Today’s smart phones and smart cards provide the opportunity for strong authentication solutions. Connect enables a comprehensive range of “Bring Your Own Device” authentication solutions that are designed for ease-of-use and registration. Connect is a cloud-based multi-factor authentication service platform providing the strongest level of security available today, while delivering a simple user experience. The platform is designed to support all in-market devices today, enabling strong security across all delivery channels.

  • Easy to use – provides a great customer experience
  • Fully integrates into your applications - your brand throughout
  • Offers a secure, unique Device ID across mobile and PC platforms
  • High-grade security verified by third party security experts
  • Enables QuickCode – a “what you know” factor that is simpler and stronger than passwords
  • Easily integrates into web and mobile applications with a flexible provisioning process
  • Economically scales to millions of users across a wide range of consumer devices
  • Supported by our Virtual Secure Element
  • Supports multiple devices per user and shared devices Connect is the foundation for Digital Ids anchored in trusted devices with dynamic authentication. Better user experience, better business assurance.
Explore some common core authentication use cases and learn and how SecureKey can help:
I need … SecureKey Solution
Strong authentication for mobile apps Our Mobile SDK secures your mobile app while making it easier to use.  Strong device authentication and Device ID are available with zero-touch to your user experience. Our QuickCode feature enables a more convenient and more secure approach to passwords.
Strong authentication for web sign in Sign in confirmation request is delivered to the user’s phone. Pressing “confirm” is all it takes to complete the sign in action. All device management and enrollment can be handled during the authentication flow with one simple web integration. Enrollment can also be managed by a local administrator.
Advanced Transaction Security Transaction details are securely delivered to the mobile device for out of band display and confirmation to protect against advanced threats like Man-In-The-Middle.
Zero Touch Device ID Get device ID at any time with no user involvement. Ideal for optimizing eCommerce and online wallet transactions. Enables carriers to remove the “WiFi blindspot” making DeviceID available even when the user is on a WiFi network
Remote Card Reading / Card-based Authentication Leverage your investment in contactless EMV cards and give your customers an online security experience that mirrors in-store shopping.

How it works

At the core is DNA security software that provides the trust anchor for user and device authentication. Along with a simple web-based widget and Connect mobile app, or SDK for mobile applications, it allows users to enroll their devices into the Connect service as strong “what you have” factors for authentication.

With Connect, sensitive messages are never transported through the browser and never transported in the clear. The system utilizes Global Platform security protocols and key management techniques – the standard widely adopted by EMV payment networks and mobile network operators for secure transactions. This ensures that every authentication event is secure, authentic and protected from the device operating system.