With the proliferation of weak user passwords on the internet, the management burden and risks for both the user and the service provider are impacting adoption of existing online services and the ability to offer new higher value services. briidge.net™ addresses consumer and citizen authentication and identity management, offered as a suite of cloud-based services used to create trusted identity networks. We put the user at the center of identity and authentication solutions to help business and government enhance privacy, create trust, and increase convenience for users – using devices and credentials users already have!

briidge.net Exchange

briidge.net Exchange enables the creation of identity ecosystems among communities of identity providers and subscribing services. For governments and others services, briidge.net Exchange removes the barriers and costs associated online enrollment and forgotten passwords, while preserving user privacy. By letting users “bring their own credential” online service adoption in unimpeded. User identity attribute exchange is also supported with user consent, to speed and simplify online transactions such as account opening, payment checkout, age verification, health information exchange, and others.

  • Eliminates forgotten passwords
  • Removes enrollment barriers
  • Makes signing on to services faster
  • Preserves use privacy
  • Enables higher value multi-party online transactions
  • Enables identity ecosystems to be established within an industry, region or any other community of interest

briidge.net Connect

briidge.net Connect enables users to strongly authenticate across all service channels using devices they already own. The platform is designed to provide the strongest multi-factor authentication and the simplest user experience.

  • Protects web applications from advanced attack vectors such as Man-in-the-Middle, malware, impersonation and phishing
  • Enables QuickCode – a “what you know” factor that is simpler and stronger than passwords
  • Enables strong Out of Band (OOB) web sign in and transaction approvals
  • Provides strong, unique device ID
  • Enables remote contactless card reading for enrollment, vetting and transaction approval
  • Easy to integrate with flexible deployment options
  • Extensible platform supporting multiple use cases and channels